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Mon, 21st Dec 2015

Would you eat Nutella from a nappy?

Dr Kat Arney, The Naked Scientists, Dr Alison Parker, Cranfield University, James Farr, The University of Cambridge

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In the summer we did a show all about one of our most basic of emotions, Nutelladisgust! At the time Ginny Smith claimed she was really interested in why we need to feel disgust but weíve got a feeling that she really wanted to do this experiment with Kat ArneyÖ

Ginny -   Now Kat, Iíve got a little experiment to try out on you to see how easily youíre disgusted and our intern James and our guest Alison who are also here in the studio are going to join us for this. Does anyone like chocolate spread?

Kat - Kind of yep. Yum a well known brand of hazlenut chocolate spread.

Ginny - Very delicious. So who would like some chocolate spread? Iíve got some spoons here anyone like to try some?

Kat - Yeah

James - Happily

Ginny - Now Iím not going to hand you the pot because you canít eat straight out of the pot thatís just not allowed. So all you have to do in order to eat some of this delicious chocolate spread is eat it out of the thing that Iím currently passing to you. So do you want to tell everyone what youíve got there?

Kat - OK so what Iíve just been handed is a disposable nappy thatís full of Nutella. Now Iím not a mum but Iím a very proud aunty and I have seen nappies with this kind of content and this is just...I mean this is revolting.

Ginny - Itís chocolate spread. You know itís chocolate spread you can probably even smell that itís chocolate spread but...

Kat - It smells kind of poopy.

Ginny - Is anyone willing to try it, what about you two?

James - Yep...

Kat - This is a completely clean nappy?

Ginny - I promise itís a clean nappy, I bought them today, but it looks pretty disgusting. Alison, youíre trying it, how does it taste?

Alison - It tastes like chocolate spread.

Ginny - But did you feel anything when you were digging in with the spoon or was it OK?

Kat - I canít do it.

Alison - I think it was fine. A nappy is something that would have to be quite clean to go on a baby. I kind of trust the manufacturer to keep it clean and trust you to not play any nasty tricks on us.

Ginny - And James how about you?

James - It tastes fine, but it definitely still feels slightly strange. Iím slightly, not regretting but definitely wouldnít do it normally.

Kat - I actually feel physically sick Iím not going to do it sorry.

Ginny - So thatís really interesting we have one who found it absolutley fine, one who managed it but it felt a bit weird and Kat who just flat out refused to even try it.

Kat - I canít I can clean up peopleís puke thatís absolutley fine. Poo, um I canít deal with it.




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