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Wed, 23rd Mar 2016

Feeling better

Calogero Oddo, University of Pisa

Listen Now    Download as mp3 from the show eLife episode 28: From antibiotic resistance to artificial fingertips

For people who have suffered an amputation of a hand, the current generation of Miceraprostheses can only go so far to replacing what they’ve lost. They can restore some of the aesthetic and motor properties of the absent body part, but what’s still missing is a sense of fine touch that can tell, for instance, whether something is rough or smooth. And this is critical for being able to manipulate objects correctly. Now we’re a step closer to being able to restore this missing modality thanks to a bionic finger that uses piezoresistive sensors to detect surface textures and turn them into nerve signals that an amputee’s brain can understand. Calogero Oddo is its creator, and she spoke about it to Chris Smith.....

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