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Sun, 1st Aug 2010

Playing with Recyclables

Mark and Lorraine Cann

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Ben -  One example of recycled products coming full circle could be seen in the childrenís field where ship builders, Mark and Lorraine Cann were putting recycled plastic to good Playship, Childrenuse.

Mark -   You're looking at a childís play ship in the form of a double-ended tinner,  made of steel and clad in Plastwood, which is a recycled product.

Ben -   Whatís the advantage of using recycled plastic for this?

Lorraine -   None, really.  Itís quite a difficult material to use, but it closes the loop with the festival.  All the plastic from the festival goes into the recycled plastic and itís something that Michael Eavis wanted us to have a go at using.



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