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Sun, 4th Mar 2012

Critter of the Month - Grey seal

Jen Ashworth, Natural England

Listen Now    Download as mp3 from the show So you want to be a marine scientist?

Hello I’m Jen Ashworth from Natural England, and if I was a marine creature I would like to be a grey seal, particularly a grey seal living on the Isle of Lundy, which is in the Bristol Channel. Grey seals seem to have a great life.

Grey SealThey spend their time either swimming around in the sea, hiding in the kelp forest, and then when the tide is low go and sit on the rocks and watch people going by. You have quite a lot of divers at Lundy, and the grey seals seem to have a great time with the divers. They go in and get their whiskers tickled, dash up behind them and go pull the diver’s fins. I think that would be really fun to do.

Interesting fact about the grey seals is they were the first marine animals to be protected since 1914 and the population is doing really well. We have about 40% of the world’s population in the UK and therefore I think life as a grey seal would be great.

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