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Mon, 30th Apr 2012

Critter of the month - The Flying Fish

Emmett Duffy, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Flying fishWe ask Emmett Duffy from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, if he was a marine creature, which one would be be and why? His answer - the elegant flying fish.


Emmett – My name is Emmet Duffy. I’m marine ecologist at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences in the USA. Being a marine biologist that’s a really tough one to answer because there’s so many amazing creatures in the ocean. But I think if I had to pick one it would be the flying fish, although I prefer its much more elegant name in Spanish which is Pez volador.

I love the flying fish because they remind me of the tropical ocean, of being out on the open turquoise blue water and just seeing them skittering across the horizon is such a wonderful thing.

And also I identify with them because they’re amphibious. They’re partially at home outside the water and also at home inside the water which is what I aspire to be as a diver and marine biologist.



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