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Sat, 12th May 2012

Van Gogh's sunflower mutation

Nell Barrie

Part of the show Genes and evolution - from populations to tumours

Kat - And then finally a nice little story about sunflowers. You, are you an art fan?

Nell - Yeah. I saw this and thought, "I don't get the point of this." But it's good fun because they've looked at sunflowers in Van Gogh's very famous painting, figured out there's a tiny little mutation going on in some of the flowers in the picture. And then they've gone to find out exactly what causes that mutation. And they've looked at the genes behind it.

Kat - I do think it's interesting with plants because people do breed themall sorts of characteristics that maybe not that useful but certainly pretty.

Nell - Yeah, exactly. I mean it's kind of something that you might think that looks cool on the plant and it's quite interesting to find out what's going in the genes.



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