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Tue, 21st Aug 2012

Spreading the Word on Hydrogen Transportation

Aman Dhir, University of Birmingham

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Aman -   Currently, there are only 7 hydrogen refilling stations in the country and they're not very well located in close proximity.  So the infrastructure is an issue and we, here at the university, are aiming to change that by putting more stations in.  In fact, we are starting a new project come next autumn which will involve 100 vehicles of this size running around this country and across Europe, giving us the ability to drive from Aberdeen, all the way to Trondheim in Norway without stopping apart from for fuel.  So, we’re building up a network of filling stations and vehicles that will be capable of traveling distances that we want to travel.

Meera - Aman’s team aimed to lead by example, but if their drive to push the use of hydrogen cars in the UK and more globally is successful, the next issue is one of hydrogen availability.


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