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Tue, 18th Sep 2012

What sort of robot would you like?

Listen Now    Download as mp3 Part 1,2 from the show Silicon Sailors - Robots take to the waves

We asked what sort of robot you would like to have, and what it could do for you...

Ooyaya (@ooyaya) - Scoop litter boxes

Kevin Norman (@kevinICdesigner) - Telepresence robot to commute, go to work and attend meetings for me!

Liza Brooks (@Liza_Brooks) - one that could give me a full body massage after I've just scrubbed that house...or wait maybe a maid-robot would be better.  Scientists and engineers make mess not clean it :) 

Probo and his family treeMartin (@LHCollision) - One that serves me grapes.

Eugene Prinsloo (@SouthrnComfort6) - Driver!

RhyssRonan (@RhyssRonan) - Sexbot, natch.

Malgorzata Pupecka (@FeelFreeDance) - Robot that could entertain my dogs when I am away would be cool, preferably organic so they can smell him and bond :D

Gareth Rens - As it stands most human like robots serve very little purpose for us mere mortals. They need teams of scientists behind them doing the programming for simple tasks like walking. Until theres a fairly versatile humanoid robot that can be programmed by the average joe, not in the conventional "typing out code" but rather programmed by physical and optical movement. E.g. Show the robot how to cut the carrot instead of programming in all the servo movements and interrupts...


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