Physics Interviews

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    What are leap seconds?

    Tue, 30th Jun 2015

    Scientists sporadically need to add or deduct seconds from our clocks but if our timeke...

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    Sustainable Solar Solutions?

    Sun, 20th Apr 2008

    Solar panels seem to be turning up on rooftops all over the place, but are they really wo...

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    Gecko Glue

    Thu, 21st May 2015

    Geckos can hold up two humans!

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    How does a radar work?

    Mon, 11th May 2015

    Radar stations can track distant objects, but how does radar work, and what are its sho...

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    How to unboil an egg

    Tue, 7th Apr 2015

    Your school textbook got it wrong, it is possible to "unboil" an egg, and the process c...

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    What is light?

    Fri, 13th Mar 2015

    Light continues to perplex scientists today, so we take a look back in history to try a...

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