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  • Remedying overdoses

    Thu, 16th Oct 2014

    A new dialysis treatment for drug overdoses is set to speed up the process of more rapi...

  • Featured

    Freshwater invasion coming to the UK

    Fri, 17th Oct 2014

    A large group of foreign freshwater species from Turkey and the Ukraine are poised to i...

  • Young mind on old shoulders

    Thu, 16th Oct 2014

    A way to restore the intellectual vigour of youth, and even make blind mice see, has been...

  • 'Puma Pedometer'

    Fri, 3rd Oct 2014

    The development of a pedometer-like collar for mountain lions gives us an insight into th...

  • Sleep cell loss explains poor repose

    Thu, 21st Aug 2014

    Nerve cells forming a "sleep-switch", lost from the brain through the effects of ageing a...

  • Web of Mystery

    Fri, 8th Aug 2014

    Spider silk is the strongest substance known in nature, but how is this fibre it made and...

  • The smell of fear

    Fri, 1st Aug 2014

    Fears and phobias can be passed from mother to offspring through a smell signal, accordin...

  • First impressions do count

    Fri, 1st Aug 2014

    People are quick to judge, as researchers identify facial features that people associate ...

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