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  • Old masters no better than modern violin

    Fri, 11th Apr 2014

    Tests comparing Stradivari with modern-made violins failed to find any sonic advantage of...

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    In-vitro vagina

    Fri, 11th Apr 2014

    Replacement vaginas have been grown in the dish and implanted into four women with congen...

  • Postexposure HIV Protection

    Thu, 13th Mar 2014

    A gel that can be applied up to three hours after sexual activity could protect women aga...

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    Smoking versus sausages?

    Fri, 7th Mar 2014

    Are meat eggs, milk and cheese as deadly as smoking? Could a high protein Atkins diet lea...

  • Stress depresses markets

    Fri, 21st Feb 2014

    Stress hormones can depress financial markets, a new study suggests.

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    Making platelets

    Fri, 21st Feb 2014

    A way to grow blood platelets, a critical ingredient in the cogulation system, has been a...

  • Mini Robots inside cells?

    Tue, 18th Feb 2014

    For the first time, scientists have placed tiny synthetic motors inside live human cells....

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    Personalised breast milk

    Tue, 18th Feb 2014

    Breast milk varies hugely from mother to mother but researchers now think that different ...

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