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  • Test paper for Ebola

    Thu, 23rd Oct 2014

    US scientists have developed a cheap and simple test for the Ebola virus which uses just ...

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    Young mind on old shoulders

    Thu, 16th Oct 2014

    A way to restore the intellectual vigour of youth, and even make blind mice see, has been...

  • Fat pill possible, at a stretch

    Thu, 23rd Oct 2014

    How the intestines register fullness and tell the brain to stop eating has been uncovered...

  • Remedying overdoses

    Thu, 16th Oct 2014

    A new dialysis treatment for drug overdoses is set to speed up the process of more rapi...

  • Smell of death

    Thu, 2nd Oct 2014

    You are more likely to be dead in 5 years time if your sense of smell is poor, says resea...

  • Blood test predicts recovery time

    Thu, 25th Sep 2014

    A blood sample collected before a hip replacement operation can be used to predict how ma...

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