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Thu, 17th Mar 2011

Warrior Art, Fire and Throwing Spears

Mycenaean warrior on a Bronze Age krater vase  (c) Angelos Popadopoulos

This month: Aegean warriors in art; the most genetically diverse people in the world; prehistoric Californian seafarers; Neanderthals building fires; and atlatls!


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In this edition of Naked Archaeology

Full Transcript

  • 02:06 - Warrior art

    Dr Papadopoulos takes us through depictions of warriors in ancient Aegean art.

  • 09:00 - Where did we come from?

    A new study sheds doubt on the long held idea that Homo sapiens evolved from East Africa...

  • 23:20 - How do you throw spears?

    ‘Spear throwers’ are long sticks with hooked ends that are used to hurl spears accurately over long distances. They are used by Native Americans, inuits and indigenous Australians. But how do they work? Tom Birch finds out...



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