Naked Archæology

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    Human remains and genetic legacies

    Fri, 16th Jul 2010

    Human remains are our main topic of interest in this month's Naked Archaeology. Diana and ...

  • The Niah Caves Entrance (c) mailer_diablo


    Southeast Asia: Hobbits and Niah Caves

    Wed, 16th Jun 2010

    The diminutive, one-time inhabitants of Flores are probably the most famous early humans f...

  • Shore of Lake Mungo (c) Dhum dhum


    Australian Archaeology and Rabbit Warrens

    Sun, 16th May 2010

    This month on Naked Archaeology: when and how did the first humans make it to Australia? W...

  • Thin section (c) Tom Birch


    Changing sea levels and thin sections

    Fri, 16th Apr 2010

    This month on Naked Archaeology: the discovery of a possible link between genus Homo and A...

  • Tablet from Susa (c) Jastrow


    First cities and first writing: Mesopotamia

    Wed, 17th Mar 2010

    How is it that the first farms, cities and writing all originated in Mesopotamia, now Iraq...

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