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    Science In-Situ

    Mon, 25th Mar 2013

    This month we explore science 'in action' as we discover how researchers at the synchrotro...

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    Chemical Catalysis

    Sun, 16th Jun 2013

    This month, we catalyse your knowledge of chemical reactions as we investigate how catalys...

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    Ten Years of Diamond

    Sun, 25th Mar 2012

    This month, we celebrate ten years of Diamond and discover what it takes to get from green...

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    Day to Day Diamond

    Mon, 23rd Jan 2012

    This month, we step inside to explore what, and who, it takes to run the synchrotron. We m...

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    Inside Diamond

    Wed, 6th Jul 2011

    This month, we venture into the synchrotron along with members of the public to bring you...

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    The Power of Magnetism

    Sun, 17th Apr 2011

    This month we go down to atomic scales and investigate the properties of magnetism. We in...

  • Green rust (c) Sam Shaw, University of Leeds


    Protecting our Environment

    Sun, 26th Sep 2010

    In this edition we find out how the synchrotron can be used to understand and clean up our...

  • Diamond Lightsource (c) Diamond Light Source Ltd


    The Royal Society Summer Exhibition

    Wed, 21st Jul 2010

    This month we bring you the highlights of Diamonds events at the Royal Society Summer Exhi...

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