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Mon, 31st Jan 2011

Eroding Coastlines and Chemistry's Holy Grail - A look back at 2010

coastline (c) Alvesgaspar@en.wikipedia

This month we look back at Diamond's scientific highlights of 2010 to reveal how microbes are eroding away our coastline and how metal organic frameworks could help find the holy grail of chemistry! We also hear how the synchrotron was improved to provide more beamlines as well as bring you the latest research from these beamlines including stresses on jet engines and the never-ending fight against antibiotic resistance.

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  • 15:36 - Diamond News Update - Fighting antibiotic resistance

    Sarah Boundy brings us the latest news from the synchrotron...

  • 21:29 - Metal Organic Frameworks

    One recent, and fast developing, area of Chemistry is the design and use of Metal-Organic Frameworks. They have potential uses in Gas Storage and Catalysis, but can also provide greater insight into the fundamental workings of chemical reactions...

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