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Wed, 6th Jul 2011

Inside Diamond

Engineering Synchrotrons (c)

This month, we venture into the synchrotron along with members of the public to bring you a glimpse of the Inside Diamond open days. We meet the engineers and technicians that design the components of the synchrotron to keep it running smoothly, hear from Diamond CEO Gert Materlik about the main highlights of these open days. Plus, we talk to a scientist working on one of Diamonds latest Beamlines, I-24, thatís enabling research that wasnít possible before including new insight in the fight against allergies!

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  • 01:41 - 'Inside Diamond' Day

    Gerd discusses the aims of getting the public in to see Diamond at work...

  • 03:31 - The Engineers at Diamond

    We meet some Diamond engineers and technicians and discover their role at the Lightsource...

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