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Sun, 18th Sep 2011

Looking into the Light!

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This month we look into the light to discover how Diamond's new Imaging and Coherance beamline is helping scientists see with greater clarity than ever before! We hear how the beamline works to provide greater resolution imaging, how rocks deep beneath the earths surface can be analysed for potential storage of carbon dioxide in the future, and how imaging the internal structure of metal alloys could help recycle them on a greater scale. Plus, the latest news and events from Diamond including new eye-opening research on the cornea and the family history of the virus!

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  • The Challenges of Carbon Sequestration

    Martin Blunt explains how Diamond could be used to answer our queries about carbon sequestration to successfully inject carbon dioxide into the ground in the future...

  • The Structure of Alloys

    Peter Lee explains how he's using Diamond for some clarity about the structure of metal alloys...

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