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Mon, 5th Dec 2011

Chemistry at the Synchrotron

Nanowire Array (c) Professor. Z. L. Wang and Dr. X. D. Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology

This month, we celebrate the international year of chemistry by exploring the wide range of chemical discoveries and research taking place at Diamond. We investigate the role of chemistry in pitting erosion, photovoltaics and nanowires as well as reveal how Diamond has been used to unearth a new source of mercury poisoning...plus all the latest news and event from diamond including a wake up call revealing the benefits of caffeine!

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  • Mercury Poisoning from Museum Samples

    It seems some museum samples could be harbouring volatile compounds of mercury. But no need to fear, as it is only the people handling the samples themselves that need to watch out, as John Fellowes explains...

  • Synchrotrons for Structural Chemistry

    Tony Ryan explains the importance of structural chemistry and its applications in our daily lives...

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