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Mon, 2nd Feb 2009

Small Letters, Sorghum and Secrets in Caves

Making the smallest letters in the world (c) Hari Manoharan, Stanford

On this week's NewsFlash we find out how fingerprints help you feel fine detail, discover the smallest letters ever written and uncover the genetic secrets of Sorghum's success.  Plus, how a new way to make LED's could slash household bills, the two million year old secrets hidden in a cave in South Africa, and how bees can help to defend fish farms from fungus.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 09:35 - New LEDs to Slash household bills

    A new way of manufacturing LEDs could see household bills slashed, and even provide clean drinking water wherever it's needed...

  • 15:13 - New Evidence from Old Caves

    New evidence from an old cave could cast light on how our ancestors lived 2 million years ago, as Meera Senthilingam found out when she spoke to spoke to Kelvin Kemm …



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