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Mon, 2nd Mar 2009

First Foot Prints and Fossil Fish Sex

Footprints on the beach of Moliets (Landes, France). (c) TwoWings @ wikipedia

This week's NewsFlash sees celestial bulldozers, fossilised footprints and the first fish to ever have sex.  Plus, we find out why unmanned planes could get more blood samples tested in rural Africa, and discover that this week in 1869 saw the proposal of the periodic table.

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  • 10:21 - First Fish Sex

    Nicola Phillips, from the ABC Radio National's Science Show, speaks to John Long from Museum Victoria about the first fish to ever have sex, and what this can tell us about our own evolution...

  • 13:50 - Self-flying planes and Water Batteries

    Meera catches up with Kelvin Kemm for the latest news from South Africa, including unmanned aeroplanes transporting blood samples, and a giant watery battery...



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