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Mon, 16th Mar 2009

Dyslexia, Dust and the Death of Doppler

Diatoms - a key Phytoplankton group (c) Prof. Gordon T. Taylor, Stony Brook University

On this week's NewsFlash, an insight into the neurological basis of dyslexia, clouds of killer copper dust and surface scratches that self-seal in the Sun.  We look back to 1853 and the life of Christian Doppler.

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  • 12:43 - Scratches that Self-heal in the Sun

    A new surface material could heal it's own scratches simply by being left in the sun! Professor Marek Urban explains the clever chemistry behind self-healing...

  • 17:14 - This Week in Science History - The Death of Doppler

    This week in 1853 saw the death of Christian Doppler, Austrian physicist and father of the Doppler effect - one of the vital steps to understanding the expansion of the universe.



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