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Sun, 19th Apr 2009

Space Waste, Herbal Wine and LSD

LSD blotter paper - A typical full sheet is most often made up of 900 1/4" squares. (c) William Rafti of the William Rafti Institute

In this week's NewsFlash, we find out how a giant parachute could help avoid satellite collisions, why the schizophrenic brain can't see a popular optical illusion and we discover that all octopodes (or octopuses?) are poisonous!  Plus, we hear about bicycle day and the story of LSD, and Sarah Castor-Perry takes us back to the launch of the Hubble space telescope, this week in science history...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 14:23 - Bicycle Day - The Discovery of LSD

    On the 19th April 1943, Dr Albert Hoffman tested a substance he had derived from Ergot, and discovered it's strong psychedelic properties. This week, therefore, marks the 66th birthday of LSD...

  • 19:41 - This Week in Science History - The Launch of the Hubble Space Telescope

    This week in science history saw, in 1990, the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, the largest and most advanced extraterrestrial telescope that has allowed us an extraordinary insight into the furthest reaches of the universe and has also helped to determine the speed at whic...



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