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Sun, 26th Apr 2009

Mosquito Inspired Inventions and Lead-Lined Clouds

A mosquito biting a finger (c) Ngari.norway @ wikipedia

In this NewsFlash, we find out why dolphins spit for their dinner, how every cloud may have a lead lining and how the pesky mosquito's inspired a portable artificial pancreas. Plus, we get the low-down on the latest pandemic candidate - swine flu, and discover how Louis Pasteur first presented his evidence for 'Germ Theory' this week in 1878.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 16:46 - This Week in Science History - Pasteur Presents "Germ Theory"

    This week in science history saw, in 1878, Louis Pasteur give his important lecture on his evidence in support of ‘germ theory’ to the French Academy of Sciences, describing how diseases were not spontaneously generated but caused by microscopic organisms. Sarah Castor-Perry ex...



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