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Sun, 3rd May 2009

Dancing Birds and Painless Injections

Congo African Grey Parrot. Its irises are yellow indicating that it is an adult. (c) Toumoto-

On this week's NewsFlash, we explore a way to make injections painless, find out why lithium in the water supply could help mood stability and discover which animals have got natural rhythm.  Plus, what we can learn from Swine 'flu DNA, and how this week in science history saw a breakthrough for the digital revolution.

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  • 11:52 - The Genetics of Swine Flu

    People are concerned about swine influenza from Mexico but surely more answers than any can be obtained by sequencing the virus and understanding what its genetic story is...

  • 17:33 - Musical Viruses

    Stephan Zielinski has made his own viral music from swine flu using a simple sequence of amino acids found in swine flu proteins...



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