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Sun, 17th May 2009

Bee Velcro and Dense Deuterium

A Bee (c) Alvesgaspar

On this week's NewsFlash, we discover a viral cause of hypertension, find out how bees stick to petals like velcro, and discuss a new, super-dense deuterium - 130,000 times denser than water!  Dr Joe Grove joins us to chat about World Hepatitis Day, and Sarah Castor Perry takes us back to this Week in Science History.

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  • 13:43 - World Hepatitis Day

    It's estimated that 80% of people with hepatitis C aren't aware they have it. World Heptatitis Day is aimed at raising awareness of the problem.

  • 18:06 - This Week in Science History - The Death of Eduard Bruckner

    This week in science history saw, in 1927, the death of Eduard Bruckner, the German geographer and climatologist who was one of the first to discuss whether changes in climate were due to a natural cycle or down to humans, and how this climate change would affect our future...



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