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Sun, 26th Jul 2009

Pandas in Peril

Male Giant Panda "Tai Shan" at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C. (c) Fernando Revilla

On this week's NewsFlash, we find out why an earthquake has put Giant Pandas in peril and how our lungs, and not just our tongues, can taste.  Plus, the link between diabetes and the immune system, and Sarah Castor Perry takes us back to this week in Science History, and the death of nuclear chemist Otto Hahn.

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  • 17:13 - This week in science history - the death of Otto Hahn

    This week in science history saw, in 1968, the death of Otto Hahn, the German chemist who co-discovered nuclear fission, was a courageous opposer of Jewish persecution by the Nazis, a campaigner against the use of nuclear power as a weapon and is considered by many to be the fat...



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