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Sun, 20th Sep 2009

Green Tea and Robotic Surgeons

Green tea leaves steeping in an uncovered zhong (type of tea cup). (c) Wikimol

In the news this week; how green tea builds strong bones, the genes of prostate cancer, biofuels increasing ocean dead zones, and broadband robotic surgeons.  Plus, Sarah Castor-Perry looks back to 1991 and the discovery of Ötzi the Iceman...

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  • 13:59 - This week in science history - The discovery of Ötzi the Iceman

    This week in science history saw, in 1991, the discovery of Ötzi the Iceman in the Ötztal Alps between Austria and Italy. His body is the oldest naturally preserved mummy found in Europe and due to the excellent preservation, he has told us much about Copper Age people...



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