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Sun, 18th Oct 2009

Sneaky Sounds, Stem Cells and Slipping Insects

Tornado (c) Runningonbrains @ Wikipedia

On this week's NewsFlash, we discover how the rate of mutation changes in lab-bench evolution, how looming sounds make our vision more sensitive, why poking a stem cell can change it's fate and the chemistry behind the taste of fizz.  Plus, we look back at this week in science history and the birth of Ted "Mr Tornado" Fujita...

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  • 14:26 - Giving Insects the Slip

    A new non-stick coating could give insects the slip, and prevent infestations...

  • 17:32 - This Week in Science History - Mr Tornado

    This week in Science History saw the birth of Tetsuya Fujita, also known as Ted and ‘Mr Tornado’. Fujita dedicated his life to studying tornadoes and related weather phenomena and he lends his name to the Fujita scale, which describes the intensity of a tornado by how much damag...



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