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Mon, 30th Nov 2009

Camo Plants and Osmotic Power

PFC Joel Graham puts on camouflage paint (c) SPC Gerald James

in this NewsFlash, we'll be hearing about the camouflaged plant that doesn't need the Sun, a power plant that relies on osmosis and how the feeling of breath on your skin helps you to work out what sounds you're hearing.  Plus, we look back to this week in Science History and the first meeting of the Royal Society.

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  • 13:48 - Moved by the Power of Speech

    It's often said that someone can move you with the words they use. Now scientists have shown that this really is true, both metaphorically and physically. Research published this week shows that the sensation of the breath of a speaker on our skin can alter sound perception.

  • 18:27 - This Week in Science History - The Royal Society

    This week in Science History saw on the 28th of November 1660, the first meeting of the Royal Society, the oldest continuously running Academy for Sciences in the world...



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