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Mon, 1st Feb 2010

Take off your Shoes for a Smoother Ride

Healthy feet of an 11-year-old girl who regularly goes barefoot. (c) Lorenz kerscher @ Wikipedia

We'll hear how a scanning technique can home in on the biochemical signature of prostate cancer in this Naked Scientists NewsFlash, along with how bats and dolphins share genes for echolocation and why barefoot runners have a smoother ride.  Plus, the discovery of a chemical signal that slows nerve degeneration.

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  • 12:05 - The Chemical that Keeps Nerves Alive

    Researchers at Cambridge’s Babraham Institute have identified a factor that helps to stop nerves from degenerating. This could lead to better treatments for degenerative diseases, but also better ways to halt the degradation of a nerve when it gets damage as a result of an inju...



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