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Mon, 1st Mar 2010

Grounding Dengue and the Secret Fish-Eye UV View

Aedes aegypti in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (c) Muhammad Mahdi Karim (

We explore the secret messages that fish send in ultra-violet and a genetic trick to stop Dengue getting off the ground in this Naked Scientists NewsFlash.  Plus, the giant shark munching through shellfish in cretaceous seas, and the alien star clusters invading our galaxy!

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  • 00:13 - Fish use UV to spot the difference

    Healthy coral reefs come packed with colourful fish and a new study reveals that the some fish send out private messages using patterns of ultra violet light that us humans – and many other animals – can’t see.

  • 04:01 - Grounding Mosquitoes

    Researchers in Oxford and California have found a way to stop female mosquitoes from growing wings, keeping them grounded and stopping the spread of diseases like Dengue fever.

  • 07:29 - Gigantic shellfish fiends discovered in Cretaceous seas

    New fossil evidence suggests there were gigantic sharks lurking in Cretaceous seas, around 90 million years ago, but they weren’t terrifying monsters – these sluggish fish probably sat about on the seafloor, munching on shellfish.

  • 10:00 - Invasion of the Alien Star Clusters

    One quarter of the star clusters in our galaxy may, in fact, be aliens, according to a paper in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.



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