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Mon, 15th Mar 2010

Mind Reading and Moody Octopodes

Octopus vulgaris (c) Albert Kok

This week; we hear about octopodes having temper tantrums when exposed to HDTV,  explore why some people are genetically wired to feel more pain and how eyeless scorpions are not stuck down an evolutionary blind alley.  Plus, how scientists can use a brain scanner to see what you're imagining in your mind’s eye!

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Full Transcript

  • 00:15 - Octopus mood swings revealed in high definition

    Pushing a high definition TV screen up to the side of an octopus’s aquarium tank and showing them images of crabs and other octopuses, scientists have revealed these intelligent marine creatures can undergo major mood swings ranging from glum to excitable and aggressive.

  • 03:54 - Pain perception under genetic influence

    Cambridge researchers have identified gene sequences that make some people feel more pain.



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