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Sun, 28th Mar 2010

How the Heart Got its Arteries

Glass Heart (c) Sture Jonasson

In this Newsflash, we find out why the Asian monsoon season sends pollutants into the stratosphere, a new electrical technique for desalination and why swine flu spared the older generation.  Plus, new understanding of the genesis of coronary arteries.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:09 - Monsoon Season Spreads Pollutants Skywards

    A paper published in the journal science shows that pollution in Asia gets pushed up into the stratosphere by hitching a ride on the monsoon...

  • 02:58 - Electrical Desalination

    A new way of delsalinating and cleaning water has been developed electrically rather than using hight pressure or temperature.

  • 05:02 - Why Age offers Protection from Pandemic Flu

    Research looking at the shape of the H1N1 pandemic flu virus has revealed why seasonal flu vaccines don't offer any protection, but also suggests why the older generation are more likely to have immunity to the pandemic virus.

  • 07:28 - Snail inspired coatings

    A way of learning from snail shells to make stronger tougher materials

  • 09:11 - How the Heart got its Arteries

    Researchers have overturned a 100-year-old misunderstanding about how the arteries that supply the heart with blood first develop, and this could be used to re-grow the damages that give rise to a heart attack...



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