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Sun, 2nd May 2010

A Genetic "Hop" Forward

White's Tree Frog (c) LiquidGhoul @ wikipedia

This week, we hear how the first amphibian genome helps to fill the vertebrate family tree, meet the colourful fish that shine a light on evolution and find out how a technique developed to study eye disease can help find art forgeries.  Plus, the genome from a clinical perspective - we look at the future of personalised medicine.

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  • 06:35 - Helping you to see Fake Art

    A technique developed to take three dimensional, real time images of the retina is also useful for detecting evidence of fraud in paintings, according to research published in the journal Accounts of Chemical Research this month...

  • 10:02 - Losing the war on biodiversity loss

    The world is still losing biodiversity at an alarming rate despite world leaders promising in 2002 to cut the rate of loss by 2010. That’s the stark warning from a paper published in the journal Science this week by a large team of international researchers.

  • 12:14 - Personalising Medicine through your Genome

    The Lancet has published a study into the benefits of looking at your genome to help personalise your medicine. Dr. Euan Ashley from Stanford University School of Medicine joined us to explain more...



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