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Sun, 30th May 2010

Straightening Out Gut Bacteria

Helicobacter pylori (c) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

We explore the oily threat to Tuna and a newly discovered way that blood vessels in the brain clear a blockage in this Naked Scientists NewsFlash.  Plus, how channels on Mars reveal secrets about the Martian climate, and the fossil evidence that shows the octopus is older than expected.  We find out why shape is essential for H. plyori - a gut bug associated with ulcers and cancer.

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  • 00:17 - Good and bad news for bluefin tuna

    New research pinpoints the favourite breeding spots of west Atlantic bluefin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico spelling both good and bad news for these imperilled fish: conservation efforts now know where to target efforts but the bluefins’ spawning grounds overlap with the recent Dee...

  • 04:03 - Brains bust blood clots

    Cells lining blood vessels in the brain can grab clots and other obstructions and dump them outside the vessel to restore blood flow, US researchers have found...

  • 11:53 - Shape matters for Helicobacter infection

    Researchers in Seattle have found that the spiral shape of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is key to its ability to infect the stomach lining. Dr Nina Salama from the group, that published in the journal Cell, explains that the key genes that determine the shape could be targe...



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