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Sun, 27th Jun 2010

New Lungs, Please!

Heart and Lungs (c) Grey's Anatomy

We find out why size matters in bird beaks, how plant roots cope with competition, and what astronomers can learn about neutrinos in this NewsFlash.  Plus, building lungs in the lab!

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  • 00:10 - Smaller beaks for colder climates

    Birds living in colder climates evolved smaller beaks than their fair-weather cousins to help keep them warmer, a new study shows.

  • 03:01 - Plants can make decisions

    Scientists have discovered that plants are far less passive than we first thought and can integrate information to help them make decisions.

  • 05:16 - Astronomers close in on the mass of elusive neutrino particles

    Astronomers have been looking to distant galaxies for clues on closing the gap on estimates for the mass of the mysterious neutrino...

  • 07:52 - Ocean Algae Mystery Solved

    Scientists have taken steps towards solving a thirty-year oceanographic puzzle, with the discovery that microscopic algae living in mid-ocean areas must be getting essential nutrients from as deep as 250 metres beneath the waves. But exactly how they are getting hold of nitrates...

  • 10:34 - Growing an artificial lung

    Also in the news this week, researchers at Yale University in America have come one step closer to building a functional lung in the laboratory...



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