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Sun, 11th Jul 2010

The Proton is Shrinking!

Scheme of an atom (c) Emichan @ Wikipedia

In this NewsFlash, we hear how the proton appears to be smaller than we thought, prompting a reevaluation of some trusted laws of physics, how antidepressants in seawater can make shrimps swim towards danger and why some male fireflies flash together.  Plus, a novel mechanism for natural selection - beneficial bacteria!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:18 - The Shrinking Proton

    New research published in the journal Nature suggests that the proton might be as much as 4% smaller than we previously thought, and this discovery might prompt a revaluation of some trusted laws of physics...

  • 02:59 - Anti-depressants could mess up marine food webs

    Anti-depressants that end up in sewage effluent could have a major impact on marine wildlife, causing shrimp to swim towards instead of away from light...

  • 06:25 - Growing new brain cells

    Researchers in America have identified a chemical that encourages the growth of new neurons – and protects against neurodegeneration...

  • 08:20 - Nature’s firework displays help females spot males

    Why do fireflies flash in time? Their rhythmic, bioluminescent displays are extraordinary phenomena, sometimes lighting up entire forests with bright pulses of light. But why it happens is one of nature’s great mysteries – there are lots of ideas, but until now no one has experi...

  • 12:37 - Naturally Selected Infections - Symbiotic Bacteria and Evolution

    In the wild, a gene that produces an organism’s chances of surviving increases their odds of reproducing. It’s usually passed down to the next generation and so, that gene will become more common in the population. But what if instead of a gene giving an advantage, it’s actual...



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