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Mon, 19th Jul 2010

Malaria-free Mosquitoes

A mosquito biting a finger (c) Ngari.norway @ wikipedia

In this NewsFlash, we hear how scientists have created Malaria-free mosquitoes, how hostile bacteria in the Arctic can be tamed to create vaccines and how Gobies can fight their way through slime in our oceans. Plus, we discover why a transfer from high-heeled shoes to flat ones is so uncomfortable!

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  • 00:12 - Making Malaria-proof Mosquitoes

    This week, scientists at the University of Arizona have announced that they have managed to engineer malaria-proof mosquitoes in the lab, offering hope of a future method of malaria control.

  • 03:07 - Killer bugs tamed with a dose of the Arctic

    Scientists have found a way to tame hostile bacteria and turn them into docile vaccines, by replacing key genes with those from the bugs Arctic counterparts!

  • 06:32 - Gobies fight against the 'Rise of Slime'

    This week, researchers from the University of Bern in Norway have shown that there is a marine species that is unexpectedly thriving in what was considered to be a 'dead end' ecosystem.

  • 08:24 - Why high-heels are habit-forming

    High-heel tottering fashion slaves often complain that stepping down to normal footwear is extremely uncomfortable following the elevating effects of a six-inch height boost. Now scientists know why...



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