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Sun, 19th Sep 2010

Bringing Quantum Computing Closer

Making photons identical. A multi-photon down-conversion source in Bristol. (c) Photograph by Jonathan Matthews

In this NewsFlash, we discover we can read the history of the solar system in the surface of the Moon, the mechanism through which Prozac works and how night time lights are altering bird breeding.  Plus, how the phenomenon of quantum walk can bring quantum computing much closer...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 06:54 - Mechanism of Prozac mood-boost unlocked

    In a move that could hold the key to better drugs to beat a range of mood disorders including depression, French scientists have solved a vital piece of the puzzle of how certain antidepressants work...

  • 11:07 - British Science Festival Headlines

    A selection of headlines from the British Science Festival 2010, held in the city of Birmingham...

  • 13:02 - Computing with a Quantum Walk

    Researchers from Bristol University recently reported on a development in quantum computing that could bring this revolutionary technology closer, by up to twenty years. Ben Valsler met up with Jonathan Matthews and Jeremy O’Brien...



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