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Sun, 10th Oct 2010

Not all fat cells are created equal

An Obese Teenager with Central Obesity, side view (c) FatM1ke

In this week's NewsFlash, we'll hear how the Census of Marine Life found that the oceans are much more diverse than we thought and how fat cells behave differently in different parts of the body. Plus the smelly stories of the lily that smells like rotting fruit to attract flies, and how men really are sweatier than women!

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  • 00:19 - The Census of Marine Life

    This week saw the first report of the Census of Marine Life. This has been a worldwide project spanning in the last 10 years, aiming to catalogue the diversity, distribution and abundance of life in the oceans. Sarah Castor-Perry went along to launch of the census report in Lo...

  • 04:49 - Not all fat cells are created equal

    This week, researchers have made another interesting finding in regard to what actually happens when a person puts on a bit too much weight. Now not all fat storing cells which are known as adipocytes are equal it seems and from the Mayo Clinic, to tell us more, Michael Jensen.



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