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Mon, 25th Oct 2010

The Most Distant Object Yet Confirmed

James Webb Space Telescope (c) NASA

In this NewsFlash, we find out how bitter taste receptors in the lungs could lead to new asthma treatments, how our ancestors enjoyed some veg with their meat and how gene therapy could offer a way out of depression.  Plus, we discover the most distant object yet confirmed, light from which has travelled for over 13 billion years to reach us!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:24 - Asthma discovery leaves a bitter taste in the... lungs?

    It's well-known that human tongues can taste five sensations sweet, salt, bitter,sour and the mysterious umami. This is due to different molecular receptors in our tastebuds. But research from scientists in the US has shown that bitter taste receptors actually play a role in...

  • 02:59 - Gene Therapy for Depression

    A gene injected into one region of the brain might hold the key to treating depressed patients who fail to respond to conventional therapies.

  • 06:16 - The Most Distant Object Ever Confirmed

    Astronomers have confirmed the sighting of the most distant galaxy ever recorded. It's light was emitted when the universe was in it's infancy, only 600 million years old, and has travelled for over 13 billion years to reach us. Professor Malcolm Bremer explains it's significa...

  • 12:53 - Vegetables with your Mammoth Steak Sir?

    Archaeologists working a several sites across Europe have found evidence that our stone age ancestors were more partial to palaeolithic vegetables than we first thought...



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