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Mon, 15th Nov 2010

How Fast do Lap Cats Lap?

(c) Tilo Hauke, Germany

In this NewsFlash, we discover that happiness is in the here and now, as thinking about something other than the task at hand seems to lead to low mood.  We find out why children tire so quickly when walking, and explore evidence in Scottish rocks that Earth became oxygenated 400,000 years earlier than we thought.  Plus, the elegant physics of a lapping cat!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:27 - Happiness is Here and Now

    When are you at your happiest? Research published this week shows that we are most happy when we’re concentrating on the job at hand, rather than allowing our minds to wander. But, oddly, people seem to spend almost half of their waking hours thinking about something other tha...

  • 03:30 - Why kids get tired just walking around

    As any parents, aunties or uncles know full well, kids get much more tired out simply walking around than adults do, and now scientists have taken a step closer to understanding why this is. It’s not just that they run up and down more, or that we get more efficient at walking a...

  • 06:34 - Earth's Oxygenation came Earlier than Expected

    Previously, we have believed that the Earth’s atmosphere turned oxygen-rich about 800 million years ago and this ushered then the era that made complex life like us possible. But now, new research from Scotland shows that we might have got it wrong. And in fact, oxygen levels ...

  • 12:11 - Lap Cats Lap Fast

    We’ve been living alongside cats for thousands of years but it’s taken until now to fully understand how they perform one of the most basic of tasks – drinking...



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