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Mon, 22nd Nov 2010

Clearing Cataracts with Lasers

Cataract in Human Eye (c) Rakesh Ahuja, MD

In this NewsFlash, we find out how lasers can cut complications in cataract surgery, why some people are allergic to wine and discover how scientists have solved a long-standing mystery relating the structure of the placenta.  Plus, we get a rundown of the highlights from the world's biggest neuroscience meeting, Neuroscience 2010 in San Diego.

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  • 00:25 - Laser cataract surgery a sight for sore eyes

    One of the world's most commonly performed surgical procedures - cataract surgery - could soon be revolutionised with a laser...

  • 04:08 - Why some people are allergic to wine

    A lot of us like a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, but for around 500 million people in the world, thatís not so much fun, as they have an allergy to wine. Itís apparently a bit like having a hayfever attack, with itchy eyes and sneezing. Now a group from the Universit...

  • 06:14 - Highlights from the Society for Neuroscience Meeting 2010

    This week, the the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience took place in San Diego, California. This is the largest meeting of neuroscientists from around the world who meet to discuss their latest research and the progress they're making in understanding how the brain w...

  • 12:51 - Bacteria cause colour change in aphids

    This week, researchers in Japan have shown that the colour of pea aphids can be changed by bacteria living inside them.

  • 15:37 - Plugging into the placenta

    Scientists have solved a long-standing mystery relating the structure of the placenta, the lifeline that connects mother and baby during embryonic development. For over 100 years anatomists have been scratching their heads trying to explain why...



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