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Mon, 17th Jan 2011

Feeding the World in 2050

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In this NewsFlash, we discover a faster and cheaper way to make bespoke computer chips, find out how stem cells can help understand Long QT Syndrome and explore the problem of feeding a growing global population.  Plus, how new live performance beat-tracking software puts the drummer back in the driving seat!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:26 - Maskless chips

    A quicker cheaper way of making computer chips has been developed that allows small numbers of a chip to be made economically.

  • 02:59 - Stem cell help for Long QT

    Sufferers of a heart condition that runs in families and can cause sudden cardiac death, especially amongst the young, could look forward to new treatments for the disease thanks to a novel stem cell technique announced this week...

  • 07:06 - Can we feed the world in 2050?

    The problem of how we might feed the earth’s population in the future has come under further scrutiny this week with the publication of Agrimonde – a book that is the summation of two years of work by two French institutions...

  • 12:41 - Tough metallic glasses

    Tougher glasses have been developed than ever before that can both be strong and impact resistant

  • 15:25 - Letting the Drummer Set the Pace

    Traditionally, the drummer in a band is there to set and to maintain the pace of the music. But if pre-recorded samples and backing tracks are included in the performance instead the drummer has to try and keep time with them. Now though, a new computer programme, which has be...



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