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Mon, 7th Feb 2011

Put your thinking cap on...

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In this NewsFlash, we meet the new species of malaria-carrying mosquito, explore new artificial arteries and find out why the amazon rainforest may be a source of carbon emissions in dry years.  Plus, how Australian researchers have developed a "thinking cap" - a simple and safe process could switch off your preconceptions and help you to think outside the box!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 00:27 - New Malaria-susceptible mosquito found

    Researchers this week have reported in the journal Science the existence of a new subspecies of mosquito, that is highly susceptible to the most dangerous form of malaria parasites.

  • 03:06 - Hard graft yields new artificial arteries

    The field of arterial graft surgery looks set to take a big leap forward thanks to a breakthrough by US scientists. Writing in Science Translational Medicine, Shannon Dahl, a researcher with the North Carolina-based bioengineering company Humacyte, has described a method for ma...

  • 16:27 - Programmable packaging for cells

    Scientists have developed the cellular equivalent of a shrink-wrapping system which is capable of packaging up chemicals inside the cell...



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