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Mon, 21st Feb 2011

Pioneering Prosthetics - Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Surgery Hands Back Control

Retired Staff Sgt. Bradley K. Gruetzner explains his prosthetic arm to servicemembers at Al Faw Palace, Camp Victory, Iraq, June 21. (c) The U.S. Army

In this NewsFlash, we’ll find out how an isolated population of people in Ecuador may hold the genetic key to a disease free life, and how hibernating bears slow their metabolic rate far more than expected, and may one day help us to reach for the stars!  Plus, they mysterious Death Valley rocks that seem to move around on their own, and how re-routing nerves can allow amputees to move a prosthetic limb more naturally than ever before.

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

Full Transcript

  • 06:33 - Targeted Muscle Re-Innervation Pushes Prosthetic Performance

    When someone loses a limb, although it's possible to replace the missing part with a prosthesis, making it move is another matter entirely. But a technique being pioneered at the University of Chicago could change that...

  • 12:50 - Black Bears may send us to the Stars

    Alaskan black bears do not hibernate in the same way as other, smaller, mammals and an understanding of how they achieve their winter’s rest may help improve medical care and open the door to deep space travel...



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