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Mon, 7th Mar 2011

Graphene Lithography - Etching with Atomic Precision

Zinc metal, applied in patterns to multilayer graphene, can selectively remove only one layer of the graphene. (c) Figure by D. Kosynkin; Science, 04 March 2011

This week, a new discovery suggesting that the chemistry of life could have come to Earth in a meteorite, how foetal immunity protects the expectant mother, and why we need to be careful with stem cells - a new study has found that they have an above average chance of carrying cancer-causing genetic changes.  Plus, a new technique to etch graphene sheets with single-atom precision.

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  • 00:23 - Key component of life's building blocks could have come from space

    The origins of life on earth are a hotly debated topic among scientists. One theory suggests that meteorites brought some of the chemical building blocks for amino acids the molecules that make up proteins. Now tests on a meteorite provide more evidence that they might have ki...

  • 04:03 - Stem cell mutants

    Stem cells made by reprogramming a patients own cells have the potential to revolutionise personalised medicine. But are they safe?

  • 07:42 - Graphene Lithography - Atomic Precision Etching

    Researchers at Rice university have developed a new way to etch structures into stacked piles of graphene, the marvellous material consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms. This could allow manufacturers to make computer chips from graphene in much the same way they current...

  • 14:23 - Foetal immunity protects females

    The female genital tract uses a foetal gene to protect itself from infection during adulthood, new research has found...



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