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Mon, 14th Mar 2011

Diamonds Deal Death to Tumours

Diamonds (c) Mario Sarto

This week, how nano-diamonds can help fight cancers, co-operating elephants and tiny digital cameras.  We bring you up to speed on the recent earthquake in Japan, and explore the genetic changes that make us who we are!

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  • 00:29 - Earthquake Update

    A major earthquake struck the East coast of Japan on the 11th March. We discuss the situation, and the implications for the Fukushima nuclear power plant...

  • 06:20 - Diamonds - girl's best friend, cancer's worst enemy

    Scientists have added a sparkle to the arsenal of anti-tumour agents by successfully demonstrating that diamonds can augment the cancer-killing properties of some drugs...

  • 09:39 - The DNA that makes us Human

    Scientists at Stanford University in California have discovered how certain changes in our DNA have sculpted the evolution of human specific traits and those in particular that set us apart from our closest relatives...

  • 16:09 - Tiny cameras

    A way of making minute cameras cheaper than ever before has been developed.

  • 18:04 - Elephants show Cooperation

    Researchers have shown that elephants are able to cooperate just as well as chimpanzees, to retrieve a tray of food that can't be retrieved by one individual alone.



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