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Mon, 21st Mar 2011

How Progesterone Stimulates Sperm

Micrograph by scanning electron microscope of human sperm cells magnified 3140 times (c) No specific author

In this NewsFlash, we discover the role quartz plays in making mountain ranges, celebrate MESSENGER going successfully into orbit around Mercury, and explore the reasons why birds fly into obvious objects.  Plus, how progesterone excites sperm - we explore the role of a sperm-specific protein that could lead the way to a new contraceptive!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:27 - How Quartz Sculpts Continents

    The mineral quartz might hold the key to why continental plates consistently deform in certain regions, a puzzle that’s remained hard to answer despite revolutions in our understanding of plate tectonics...

  • 03:04 - MESSENGER Orbits Mercury

    This week, news that MESSENGER has become the first space probe ever to be placed into orbit around the planet Mercury has been widely reported. This marks a historic milestone in our exploration of the Solar System, thirty years after the Voyager probes returned superb images o...

  • 06:35 - How Progesterone Excites Sperm

    Also this week, a pair of papers in the journal Nature have shed some light on how human sperm cells react to the presence of progesterone, and this could lead to a whole new type of contraceptive...

  • 12:39 - Why Birds Crash

    Our human eyes may have blinkered us to the way other species see the world, and understanding how birds see could help to reduce the number of fatal collisions with manmade objects such as wind turbines, power cables and even buildings. Now, writing in the journal Ibis, Graham...



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