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Sun, 10th Apr 2011

Growing a New Retina in a Dish

Retina (c)

In this NewsFlash, how gut bugs alter your risk of heart disease, increasing efficiency by adding flaps to wind turbines, and how clutter causes prejudice.  Plus, how a population of stem cells that spontaneously organise themselves into the right shape for the retina could be used to restore sight after injury or illness...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists NewsFLASH

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  • 00:28 - Gut bugs and heart disease

    A new paper from researchers in the US, published in the journal Nature this week, provides an interesting angle they think that it might be the bacteria in your gut that turn fat in your diet into the gloop that clogs your arteries.

  • 04:15 - Flappy wind turbines

    Flaps on wind turbines may make wind power more economic

  • 06:24 - Scientists grow retina in a dish

    Visionary scientists grow retina in a dish - In a landmark breakthrough in developmental biology, scientists in Japan have succeeded in growing a retina in a dish. The research, published in the journal Nature by Mototsugu Eiraku and his colleagues at the RIKEN Centre for Develo...

  • 12:15 - Chaos and clutter cause prejudice

    Manners maketh man, and a tidy street stops stereotyping - In a surprise finding from the Netherlands, researchers have discovered that choas and clutter cause people to be far more prejudiced than when things are kept tidy.



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